TXRF 2017

International Advisory Committe

A. von Bohlen 
 J. Boman 
M. L. de Carvalho 
Y. Gohshi 
J. Kawai 
R. Klockenkämper 
G. Pepponi 
P. Pianetta 
J. H. Sanchez 
C. Streli 
K. Taniguchi 
K. Tsuji 
R. van Grieken 
M. C. Vazquez 
P. Wobrauschek 
M. A. Zaitz 
G. Zaray 

The 17th International Conference on Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods (TXRF2017) 

will be held in Brescia, Italy, from September 19 to 22, 2017. Flyer

The aim of TXRF 2017 is to bring together experts and users of TXRF technique to present and discuss recent advances, research results 

and perspectives in different fields of applications, such as environmental and food analysis, forensic science, biology, semiconductor etc. 

As the previous editions, TXRF 2017 will bring together scientists, end-users and instrument manufacturers, 

being an excellent platform for networking and knowledge exchange.


This year the Conference is enriched by the addition of two related events:

1. The "First VAMAS Summer Course" dedicated to "TXRF Trace analysis from Research to Standards" that will be held Monday September 18, 2017 

2. The complimentary "Chemometrics" Course, dedicated to fundaments and applications of Chemometry in the field of elemental analysis. 

For organizing purposes we need to know in advance your intention to attend the “Chemometrics Course” that will be held on Friday 22nd afternoon. Please send your interest to participate by email to txrf2017@unibs.it

 Chemometrics Course Flyer


Registration to the TXRF 2017 Conference and related events are opened from 31 January 2017.


Oral contributions time is maximum 20 minutes, including the time for questions and answers.

The "official" Poster session is on Thursday afternoon. However, the possibility to exhibit posters is given during the whole conference week, from Tuesday to Friday morning.

Contributions for oral and poster sessions are very welcome. 
Acceptance and selection of oral and poster contributions is based the abstract. 
The expressed preference for the type of contribution (oral or poster) will be considered but not binding. 


Thanks to the Contribution of the European X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) we will be able to support young scientists (<35 years) and students in the field of    X-ray Spectrometry to join the conference. Formal requests of financial support shall be addressed to the Conference Coordinator and sent to txrf2017@unibs.it before  14 April 2017. Confirmation of financial support will be sent within 20 April 2017.


A special issue dedicated to the conference will be published in Spectrochimica Acta B. Details will be given in due time. 

Conference Deadlines